The LH-10 Ellipse is the perfect lightweight platform for training and the training of pilots and navigators
with its tandem configuration and glass cockpit adjustable front and rear.

Your drivers quickly master the outstanding performance of the LH-10 Ellipse and will be directly
operational and versatile for a wide range of missions while your browsers will form the use of the most modern systems.

The LH-10 Ellipse improves Pedagogical work:

Decrease in failure rate
Evaluation of the potential student
Formula tandem adapted to the selection and training
Operating range of the extended plane (slow speed, fast speed)
Quality aircraft flight in line with the requirements of a selection
Progressive training
Operating range of the extended plane
Power & weight ratio: significant maneuverability and low inertia
Ergonomics adapted to work in the booth
Very sensitive to turbulence, crosswind 25kts
Pusher propeller: no torque off
Using modern principles (Side-stick, digital instrumentation, HOTAS principle)
Short takeoff and high rate of climb
Plane balanced (keeping the position)


The LH-10 Ellipse allows you to control your training costs and training:

Direct :
Educational profitability per flight hour (number of “theft” possible high)
Low cost per flight hour
Reduced training of supervisory staff
​​Low attrition rate (Less susceptible to corrosion and fatigue lightweight composite Avion)
Simple and optimum logistics tracking (reduced number of parts and equipment interoperability)
Maintenance inspections quick and simple operation (reduced staff)

LH-10 ideal equipment for training

framework LH-10

› Dual flight control
› 3-blade propeller
› Wheel fairings
› Retractable nosewheel


› Flight Tracking System and Maintenance
› Beacon
› Pilot and passenger parachute


› Glass cockpit
› GPS with moving terrain et TWAS
› Autopilot 2 axes